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Presto Health recognizes that today’s healthcare model is ripe for a patient-centric model where combined pharmaceutical care with a medical supervision by a licensed provider can significantly reduce healthcare cost, especially for those uninsured or under-insured. Patients are disadvantaged because of long wait time at urgent care clinics or emergency rooms significantly higher cost than the model at Presto Health. In addition a predictable cost structure with visits as often as needed can truly be the choice of healthcare for minor conditions or immediate medical care. The convenience of medical visits on demand right at the point of care provides the convenience patients are looking for.

Patients can now have 24/7/365 on-demand access to a national network of U.S. board-certified doctors who can resolve many medical issues. 

Presto Health‘s friendly board-certified doctors are revolutionizing remote access to quality healthcare. They are professionally trained to use virtual technology to treat many non-emergency conditions. 

Presto Health was designed so that a pharmacy can install an “urgent care clinic” right inside the pharmacy for patients to utilize when needed.  How many times has a patient walked into your pharmacy asking for treatment for a condition that needs a prescription? You probably referred this patient to the nearby walk-in clinic and hoped that the pharmacy would return with their prescription so you could fill it.  Not anymore! Now if a patient comes into your pharmacy needing a prescription, you can direct them to your consultation area and pull up Presto Health on your tablet and the patient doesn’t have to travel anywhere! You can advertise your pharmacy as a one-stop shop where patients can be seen by physicians and even specialists.  Visit Presto Health for more information or call 888-638-1180.  


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