Health Costs Dearly Surveys have shown that patients who are required to consume prescription medication fail to do so once the doctor has given them prescriptions to fill. This is called “prescription non-adherence. The reason? The high cost of the medication itself. This is a crucial issue that needs to […]

First enacted by the Congress in 1992, the 340B drug pricing program allows clinics and hospitals serving a large number of low-income, uninsured patients to purchase medicines from pharmaceutical companies at steep discounts. Drug manufacturers that want their drugs covered by Medicaid are required to participate in the 340B program […]

In a world full of declining reimbursements, DIR clawbacks, and big chains on every corner: How can your independent pharmacy rise above the challenges?  Here’s the deal: you can become a local authority for pharmacy services with the right tools and a dedicated team at your disposal. Work alongside qualified professionals to build a sustainable business […]


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